Sell more.

Use Barkeep to increase sales and efficiency for your bar.
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Recieve orders easily through our ticketing system.

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No more forgetting or wasting time taking orders.

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No need to waste time on payments, ready for the next one!

Bartender Centric

Increase sales by letting your bartenders do what they do best, we can handle the rest.


Barkeep is made not only for you but also for your bartenders. Let your bartenders focus and concentrate on making quality drinks.

With Barkeep, your bartenders can make up to 30% more drinks per hour.

With its simple and intuitive design, Barkeep works with any existing point-of-sale system (no need to swap out your current one) and requires little to no training. To set up, all we need is a small area for the Barkeep console and the ticket printer.

The solution to running your bar more efficiently is right in front of you! Barkeep automatically tracks customer data with the purchases on our system, allowing you to see what is popular, customer order ETAs, or any other statistic that would be helpful to you—all live at your fingertips with Barkeep!

You can use our convenient calculator below to help you determine how much Barkeep can increase your sales.

Better with Barkeep


Making the night a easier, one feature at a time.


Exclusive Coverage

Bars partnered with Barkeep can recieve high publicity on the app as well as promote any events / deals.



Forget about forgetting orders, Barkeep's ticketing system helps you keep track of orders easily.


Customizable Menu

Be able to customize your menu on the fly, making last minute changes super easy.



Barkeep handles all the payments through the app.


Customer Statistics

Look at your customers purchasing patterns, this data is invaluable if you want to maximize your bar's profit.


Smart Suggestions

Overtime Barkeep can analyse your customer's patterns, optimizing what is shown on the menu.

Partner With Us

Bring Barkeep to your bar and start increasing sales!